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Adopt-A-Trail Teams 

There is a new trail system to adopt! We encourage families, individuals, and groups to help us maintain our expansive trail system.  Check out the below for the word, "OPEN". Then contact our Trails Maintenance Coordinator for more info.

Special thanks to the local businesses and clubs that support trail cleanup in preparations for foot and bike races:

Galaxy Gearworks

Ozark Off Road Cyclist

Phat Tire

Rush Running

Ozark Plateau Trail: This trail includes a 1/2 mile loop and 1/4 mile loop paved nature trail that is accessed from the visitor center. Adopted by Hobbs Staff

Historic Van Winkle Hollow Trail: 1/2 mile loop trail through Van Winkle Hollow and the Highway 12 parking lot and pedestrian tunnel. Adopted by Darrel & Lori Rice

Sinking Stream Trail:  1/2 mile loop. Highway 12 parking lot next to the Historic Van Winkle Hollow trail, and on the same side as the parking lot.  Adopted by Shane Johnson, and Cris & Eleanor Jones

Shaddox Hollow Trail: 1 1/2 mile loop trail near Highway 303 north of Highway 12. Adopted by Jerry Hembd

Pigeon Roost Trail:

    • Dry Creek Loop: 4.2 mile loop north of Highway 12 near Beaver Lake. Adopted by Julie Lanshe and Steve Sampers
    • Huckleberry Loop & Campsites: 5.4 mile loop running from the Dry Creek Loop to Beaver Lake. Adopted by Simon Wholey and family
    Hidden Diversity Multi-Use Trail:  
      • Dutton Hollow Loop: 3 mile loop. Starts at Piney Road and runs to trail intersection and then right to Blackburn Creek. Adopted by Josh & Summer Hinojosa- the Hosarunners!
      • Bashore Ridge Loop: 3 mile loop. Starts at trail intersection then left on the 3 mile loop. A footpath only spur of 600' leads to Beaver Lake overlook and resting benches. Adopted by Mary Kate Bertalotto
      • Little Clifty Creek Loop (South): 3+ mile section of this 9-mile loop.  Adopted by Amanda Henley and family
      • Little Clifty Creek Loop (North):  3+ mile section this 9-mile loop. Adopted by Mike Carron.
      • War Eagle Loop (North):  3-mile section of trail starting at the Townsend Ridge Road. Adopted by Brian Powell with assist from Rogers High School, DECA Club 
      • War Eagle Loop (South):  3-mile section of trail starting at the Townsend Ridge Road. Adopted by Brian Powell
      • Vistor's Center Spur & part of Little Clifty Loop: 2.5 miles section of trail that leaves visitor's center and goes to intersection of Little Clifty. Adopted by Terry Weiderhoft
      • HDMU Trailhead Parking Lots: Bryan Cobb

    Monument Trail System: 

      • Tunnel Connector: 2.1 miles; Adopted by Mike McMullin
      • Sawtooth Flow Loop (Bikers): 1.2 miles; Adopted by Ryan Johnson
      • Timberjack Flow Loop & Return (Bikers): .9 miles & 1.05 miles; Adopted by Ryan Johnson
      • Wolf Den Loop: 4 miles; Steve & Anne Marie Adair. When not on the trails, you can find Anne Marie at Gearhead!
      • Karst Loop & Campsites: Michael Spivey and friends have adopted the entire 7.8 mile loop. Relatives of Roscoe Hobbs, our part namesake, are part of the team!

    Adopt-a-Trail is a year-long commitment to maintaining park trails. Trail maintenance includes hiking post-storms, trimming new tree limbs, fixing erosion problems, weed eating, blazing trees (paint), and more!

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