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If you have ANY questions or concerns, please call the visitor center at 479-789-5000. Notices are also posted at all trail heads.

Trail Status 

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Historic Van Winkle

Ozark Plateau
Sinking Stream
Shaddox Hollow
Pigeon Roost
Bashore Ridge Loop
Dutton Hollow Loop
Little Clifty Creek Loop                                                                                                 
War Eagle Valley Loop

For more information call:  479-789-5000


PLEASE NOTE: The Shooting Range Is CLOSED for Safety Repairs!  Re-Open Date is Undetermined!

After over a dozen years of use our shooting range was found, by the manufacturer, to have a serious issue during a scheduled inspection.

A feature in the throat of the capture system which supports the upper and lower panels has been damaged.

This damage with further use could cause the heavy quarter inch steel panels to fall or, worse yet, it could cause the bullets to ricochet back toward the shooters.

The estimated cost of repair is at $150,000.00, which is unplanned.

Arkansas State Parks is looking at other options and the issue is being evaluated seriously.

Once a plan is in place to fix this issue, we will announce the plan and the date for the re-opening of the shooting range.

Thanks for your understanding of this serious problem and the reason for the range being closed for your safety.

For More Information 479-789-5000

WHEN IT RE-OPENS, Regular Hours will be:

  • Closed Monday
  • Open Tuesday – Sunday
  • 8:00 a.m. – ½ hour before sunset
  • Closed during Hobbs permit hunts

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