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Opportunities abound for volunteers at Hobbs State Park – Conservation Area. If you love to participate in the wonders of nature and want to help sustain this largely undeveloped natural park, we have many ways for you to get involved. Whether your talent is in writing education curriculum or grants, talking and educating people, building hiking trails, or surveying wildlife, we have an opportunity for you! 

Meet our Volunteer Coordinator, Carla Berg! She can help you find the perfect volunteer opportunity fit. Her email is and her direct number is 479-789-5009.

Please click on the text below to fill out a volunteer application. After which, the volunteer coordinator will be in touch to get you involved! Hobbs State Park uses Volgistics, an online volunteer management platform, that allows more freedom for volunteers and better scheduling methods. 

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Adopt-a-Trail Program

"Adopt-a-Trail" was developed at Hobbs to allow individuals and organizations to be responsible for the inspection and maintenance of specific sections of the 35 miles of park trails. Park management has divided the trails into segments ranging from 1/2 mile to 9 miles in length. To volunteer individually or as a group, contact Carla Berg  at or 479-789-5009.

Current Adopt-A-Trail Teams
There are only a few of our trails left to adopt! We encourage groups, families and individuals to help us maintain our expansive trail system. 

  • Historic Van Winkle Hollow Trail: 1/2 mile loop trail through Van Winkle Hollow and the Highway 12 parking lot and pedestrian tunnel.
  • Shaddox Hollow Trail: 1 1/2 mile loop trail near Highway 303 north of Highway 12. Adopted by Tom Edmiston, NWA Master Naturalists
  • Pigeon Roost – Dry Creek Loop: 4.2 mile loop north of Highway 12 near Beaver Lake. Julie Lanshe and Steve Sampers
  • Pigeon Roost – Huckleberry Loop: 5.4 mile loop running from the Dry Creek Loop to Beaver Lake. Adopted by Bobbie Hendron and Ernesto Guerra
  • Sinking Stream--1/2 mile loop. Our newest trail. Across from Van winkle Historical Trail. Team led by Ron Bird
  • Ozark Plateau Trail- This trail includes a 1/2 mile loop and 1/4 mile loop paved nature trail that is accessed from the visitor center. Managed by HSPCA
Hidden Diversity Multi-Use Trails 
  • Dutton Hollow: 3 mile loop. Starts at Piney Road and runs to trail intersection and then right to Blackburn Creek. Adopted by the Hinojosa Family
  • Bashore Ridge: 3 mile loop. Starts at trail intersection then left on the 3 mile loop. A footpath only spur of 600' leads to Beaver Lake overlook and resting benches. Adopted by Phat Tire Bike Shop
  • Little Clifty Creek Loop: 9 mile section of trail from Townsend Ridge Road crossing then west crossing the creek, to and along Piney Road to Piney Road crossing.  Adopted by Rush Running Company
  • War Eagle Loop North:  3-mile section of trail starting at the Townsend Ridge Road. Team led by Rogers High School, DECA Club 
  • War Eagle Loop South:  3-mile section of trail starting at the Townsend Ridge Road trail head down into War Eagle Valley. Mike McMullin, NWA Master Naturalists
  • Vistor's Center Spur: 2.5 miles section of trail that leaves visitor's center and goes to intersection of Little Clifty Creek in both directions. Adopted by Terry Weiderhoft

For current volunteers- check your schedule, upcoming opportunities, log your hours or update your information on the Volgistics website: 

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Meet Hobbs SP-CA Volunteer Coordinator, Carla Berg 

Hello potential Volunteers, I am glad that you have found this website! If you are ready to sign-up, just click on the “Online Volunteer Application” form. If you would like some questions answered first, please send an email to, leave a message at 479-789-5009, or stop by the visitor center and we’ll meet in person…I do recommend an appointment! Our address is 20201 East Hwy 12, Rogers, AR 72756.

As the Volunteer Coordinator for Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area, I understand that people volunteer because they want to improve their skills or learn a new skill, take a break from their normal routine, meet new friends, earn hours as a Master Naturalist, or just want to do something useful. Hobbs has plenty to offer to suit your desires to work inside or outside, such as trail maintenance, teaching school groups, lead nature hikes or eagle watches, drive a pontoon, or provide an educational lecture or workshop for any age group.

Once you are officially signed up, volunteer opportunities can be found on the online VOLGISTICS calendar. If you prefer communications other than using computers, that’s fine too. Our volunteers are encouraged to pick their own schedule and work as many or as few hours as they like.

My job is to be the liaison between the needs of the park and the volunteers. I look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have.

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