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U of A’s Dr. Beaupre to Visit Hobbs State Park to Talk about His Studies on Venomous Snakes

29 Oct 2018 10:26 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Can you imagine a timber rattlesnake as your friend?  Dr. Steven J. Beaupre, Associate Dean of Social Science at the University of Arkansas, has carefully befriended this species of rattlesnake and others for many years.

According to Beaupre, “Timber rattlesnakes can be very hard to find, even in areas where they may be relatively common.  They are native to much of the eastern United States.   They blend extremely well with their environment, while spending most of their time motionless in thick cover.  Rattlesnakes are ambush predators that patiently wait for prey to come within reach.”

It’s all in a day’s work for Dr. Beaupre to capture these pit vipers and attach radio transmitters to them.  Monitoring the activities of the snakes then becomes a relatively easy task, even at night.  Data collected includes home range size, activity patterns, hibernacula use, and more.   

Did you know that an adult Timber rattlesnake can meet its basic energy needs by eating one gray squirrel per year, and that a healthy adult Timber Rattlesnake can even survive for up to two years with no food at all?  Dr. Beaupre will discuss the methods and results of 23 years of research on the Timber Rattlesnake in Madison County, Arkansas.  Join Dr. Beaupre as he shares stories of his intimate relationships with venomous snakes.

Where:  Hobbs State Park visitor center located on Hwy. 12 just east of the Hwy. 12/War Eagle Road intersection.

When:  Sunday November 4, 2018     2:00 pm

Cost:  Free     

For more information, call:  479-789-5000

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