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Free Photographic “Two-For” Designed by the Photographic Society of Northwest Arkansas

13 Mar 2019 10:52 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Want a great way to utilize part of your upcoming Saturday?  Spend a photographic afternoon at Hobbs State Park with the Photographic Society of Northwest Arkansas learning some tricks and tips on taking great nature photos.

The opening session begins with long-time nature photographer Jay Stout.  Jay jumped into photography with both feet in 1978 and hasn’t looked back.  According to Stout, “My interests in photography include Wildlife, Landscape, Weather, and Architecture/Historical buildings, but I like to experiment in all other areas.  I was fortunate enough to be a featured photographer in Our Ozarks magazine, and published in Nature Photographer magazine.” 

“There’s something about wildlife in its natural habitat that is very moving to me, and it’s exhilarating when I can capture that particular moment during a sunset when the colors and beauty are only available for about 5 minutes.  Those are the photographs that fuel my passion.”

Jay will show a well-rounded array of his stunning photographs, and add stories and insights from his years as a seasoned photographer.

After Jay’s presentation will be an opportunity to learn how to get the most out of your camera when you photograph Nature.  If you are just beginning to shoot photos of nature and want some great tips, you will want to attend the lecture and photoshoot that follows Jay’s presentation.   The program is not for the professional…beginners only please.  Don’t be bashful or self-conscience because you don’t have a     3-foot long lens on your camera.  You don’t need it.  That’s not what this program is about.  It truly is for novices, greenhorns, and rookies.

Also note the time of year of this presentation.  We don’t have a lot of wildflowers and other plants with lush foliage to photograph in March.  Here’s the point.  No matter what time of year it is, there is ALWAYS something wonderful to photograph.  That’s what you will learn from Cleeo Wright, nature photographer, with the Photographic Society of Northwest Arkansas (PSNWA).

Cleeo will present a lecture in the Hobbs State Park visitor center on Beginning Nature Photography.  Afterwards is the photoshoot where he will help all participants identify photographic “subjects” around the visitor center, and how best to photograph them with the camera that you bring.  This will be your program.  You ask the specific questions so you will get the specific knowledge that you are seeking as a nature photography learner.  Don’t pass up this extraordinary opportunity to learn basic nature photography from a professional in that field.

Note:  Participants need to be familiar with the basic functions of their camera.  The lecture will help you understand how to utilize the functions your camera has to offer.  

Where: Hobbs State Park visitor center located on Hwy 12 just east of the Hwy. 12/War Eagle Road intersection.

When: Saturday March 16, 2019

Opening session: 2:30 pm:  Featured photographer Jay Stout
Photo class:  3:30 pm with Cleeo Wright, nature photographer

Cost: Free.  The public is invited.

For more information on Hobbs State Park programs, trails, picnicking, or meeting room rentals:   Call:  479-789-5000

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