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There are always projects that need to be done and events that need to be manned at the park!  Our volunteers enjoy the satisfaction of giving their time to support a cause that they believe in.  There are many, many opportunities to choose from requiring a variety of skills, abilities and physical effort.  We invite you to explore what needs to be done and seek out a way that you can give back. 

Interested in Volunteering at your local State Park?

Fill out an application on the Volunteer main website page.

DECA students adopted a section of the Hobbs Hidden Diversity Multi-Use Trail, War Eagle Valley Loop several years ago. Every now and then we manage to get a picture from them working on the trail. With a few miles to repair, there was plenty of room for social distancing....good work team!

Adopt-a-Trail volunteers for Wolf Den Loop are Steve & Anne Marie. This team has aggressively kept weeds cut, fallen trees moved, and pruning back limbs and all of the thorny vines on the trail. Hardy thank-you from Hobbs Staff. Your efforts are noticed and complemented by our guests.


 Karst Loop Adopt-a-Trail team; Eccelston, Moore, and Spivey Families. With eight miles to maintain, anyone want to join them?!

The Rogers High School Environmental Club helps Hobbs to maintain the Ozark Chinquapin tree plot. Pictured here are the Club President, Lucas and team members Sierra and Joaquin. Josh was present too. The team diligently filled and refilled water bottles until each tree was able t have some water.  We have this job scheduled each week during the hot and dry summer months.

Al, our former Trails Maintenance Coordinator (pictured left), is hard at work planting more Chinquapin trees on the park. Long-time volunteer Ken changed up our weed pulling Wednesday into a wildflower planting Wednesday! A nice change indeed!!

  Sinking Stream Adopt-a-Trail (AAT) volunteers Cris & Eleanor have worked up a sweat on multiple occasions, endured scratches & cuts (only the first day!), dug up some well established roots, and stacked up piles of a highly invasive species called multi-flora rose. The  thickets were well established, measuring at least 20 feet long and ten feet deep.                                                                                Shane & Amy, also part of the Sinking Stream AAT team (not pictured here) came in afterwards to haul the brambles deep into the woods to create wildlife habitats.

Volunteer Russell fixed some cracked areas on the Historic Van Winkle trail, then built up the sides with some heavy rocks. 


Volunteers Carolyn & Emily routinely check the bluebird boxes. During Birds & Breakfast, they offered guided hikes to talk about bluebirds. Also pictured here are bird photos taken by volunteers. Have you ever seen a hummingbird pose like that before!

Cub Scout Pack 81

The cubs pictured here volunteered for some dirty jobs, and they keep coming back for more!

We greatly appreciate their service and helping us prepare for future projects. 

Mother Nature had different plans for a Walmart Team that wanted an outdoor project. They graciously accepted janitorial duties at the Hobbs Visitor Center. As the Volunteer Coordinator that assigned this task, I had planned to help them. However, they just didn't need me, except as the supply runner! I will say they all preformed their duties with enthusiasm and perfection!

Thank  you!

Team Natural Resources

Team Boat Interpreters-Kayak Assist

Team Boat Captains

Team Education

Team Front Desk, Musicians, Media, and Marketing Support

Team Adopt-a-Trail

Living Forest 2019

Fall Festival 2019


Hobbs had their first ever Dutch oven cook off on Saturday, August 31st. We had guests from far and wide come specifically to enjoy the delicious samples being offered! Overall, it was a smashing success with guests and cooks alike.  Even though, the margins were very narrow for all of the cooks, there is always a chance for redemption next year!

Congratulations again to all our winners and a big thank you to all of our volunteers who took part in the cook off!

Best main dish: Cornish game hens with wild rice and green beans (Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Cox)

Best dessert: pineapple upside down cake (Dwayne Culmer)

Best side dish: bacon corn (Park Interpreter Chris Pistole)


Mother Nature visits each month for story time & crafts

Second Saturday, 10:30-11:30


Smokey the Bear and Forest Ranger Anita came out to visit and teach our Day Campers about wildfires.


Volunteers routinely demonstrate their skills to display for a few hours on a weekend or during a special event. SallyAnn Brown, a devoted volunteer and instructor for Fly Tying and Fly Casting. Bring your own ideas!

Hobbs has plenty of programs to borrow. Easy to learn and share with the public. If you prefer to "make a mess" and have fun doing so...we have plenty craft ideas and supplies.

We're always looking to expand our collection of programs and crafts.  If you are a Master Naturalist or college intern looking to help, this is a great area to explore. You might find yourself posted here in our volunteer spotlight!


Hobbs State Park has recently added a bikes skill course at the Townsend Ridge Road Trailhead parking lot. It took a team of volunteers from NICA Cycling to help build it earlier this year.

Rush Running and NICA Cycling and their teams were a tremendous support in cleaning up large sections of the Hidden Diversity Trail, in preparations for the annual running and cycling races. 


Adopt-a-Trail Team Training Event on how to repair a "puddling" area on the trail.  Springtime is the best time to work on trails.

Internationally known, SallyAnn Brown



Volunteers in the Spring enjoy indoor craft tables, making bird feeders to take home.

Sometimes it is nice enough outside for a nature hike with Ms. Diane. 

Volunteers teach school children in the Fall & Winter months. Doug is teaching school children in the visitor center on a cool, crisp day.

Hobbs has two classrooms, the lobby area, and the film presentation room. An outdoor pavilion will be available soon.

Sometimes volunteers dress the part- Scott was teaching animal furs & skulls.

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