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Volunteer Current Openings includes the openings that are available right now. These are long-standing openings that we keep going either year around or seasonally on a routine basis. There may be volunteer assignments that are not listed here. Why, because we might be able to create one just for you! Things are constantly changing we always welcome new ideas from our volunteers. Do you have a skill or craft that you would like to share with our visitors? 

To ask questions or sign-up for an opening: 479-789-5009 or

Volunteer Current Openings are for current or future volunteers. Interested? Fill out an application on the Volunteer main website page.

Teams (5-8 people) to cut small trees from ponds Winter Open   Hike to pond, take handsaws; 4-5 hrs each pond.
 Boat InterpretersNov-Feb3-5 pm  Contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more information
 Pontoon Boat Drivers (year around)

  Training tentatively scheduled Spring of 2020
 Adopt-a-Trail (3+ mile section)Routine  your sched A year long commitment!
 School Group TeachersWinter4 hours/day   Do you enjoy working with children? Call now!

FOSSILS: Hobbs is accepting donations for all types of fossils. If you have something you can part with, know that your donation will be used in park programs for years to come! Contact:

SMALL ENGINE REPAIRS: If you have experience repairing small engines for boats and/or maintenance equipment. We sometimes may need to give you a call. Can we keep you on standby?!

MIG WELDER: If you are proficient in MIG welding, we occasionally could use your help. If you have time to volunteer to weld, please let us know to add your name to the list. It's not a common request!

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