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THE HOBBS LIBRARY (Fall Season Recommendation)

Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area has a collection of resource books available to our staff and volunteers. This page is dedicated to showcasing one book at a time and sometimes these books are available for purchase in our gift shop.

This Fall we have picked a book titled, "Owls Aren't Wise & Bats Aren't Blind" by Warner Shedd. He is a naturalist that debunks our favorite fallacies about wildlife. There are 24 chapters that are filled with myths and facts about our neighbors living outdoors. This book is sold in our gift shop. Buy local and support Arkansas State Parks so we can continue to allow free admission!

Chapter 22 is about one of our most important mammals, the white-tailed deer (ODOCILEUS VIRGINIANUS).  Who doesn't admire these marvelous creatures!  This chapter has some fascinating myths and facts. Do you know if....

  • A deer's age can be told from its antlers?
  • A fawn found alone is an orphan?
  • Deer make good pets?
  • We should feed deer if the snow becomes deep?

All of the answers are in this book!

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